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Windows 10 Pro for Workstation

Microsoft has developed Windows 10 Pro for workstations specifically for users who have a high need for maximum performance at work. The standard version of Windows 10 Pro is currently limited to 2 TB RAM and 2 CPUs at the same time. With a Windows 10 Pro for Workstation download, up to 6 TB RAM and 4 CPUs can be operated simultaneously. As a result, performance increases drastically, especially in CPU and memory-intensive applications (image and video editing, CAD, simulations, 3D rendering). The minimum system requirements, on the other hand, do not change, so Windows 10 Pro for Workstation does not require any additional performance on its own.

In addition, the operating system is the first program from Microsoft to support ReFS as a file system. Compared to NTFS, file security is significantly increased. ReFS automatically corrects errors that occur in a RAID array of hard disks, for example, by writing files on the healthy hard disk over bad sectors on other hard disks. In addition, with this file system, Microsoft offers security that is also suitable for cloud applications and thus also meets commercial requirements. ReFS also offers improved protection against possible data defects that can occur when extremely large hard disk arrays are permanently in use. This makes this version of Windows 10 Pro the safest option for both companies and the self-employed.

By integrating SMB Direct, a Windows 10 Pro for Workstation key speeds up file exchange between two or more devices. The operating system provides benefits in three areas. Data throughput is increased as soon as two devices that have this new operating system installed communicate. A significantly lower latency also ensures that network drives are handled as if they were physically present on the respective device. Finally, SMB Direct lowers the CPU usage significantly. Even with a large number of requests from different sources within a short period of time, the performance of the CPU will not drop noticeably and the full performance is retained for work.

The Windows 10 Pro for Workstation Download also entitles all users to use NVDIMM memory. These reduce latency when dealing with all drives. NVDIMM is memory, but it is non-volatile, so it's available the next time the system is used. Even if the system is completely shut down, work can be continued immediately the next time it is booted, without having to first reload all programs and data from the much slower hard disks. A Windows 10 Pro for Workstation key also increases energy efficiency, since systems can be shut down completely without any loss of time or productivity.

CPU: 1.0GHz minimum. Support for Xeon and Epyc processors available. Up to 4 CPUs per motherboard.

RAM: At least 2GB. Maximum 6TB.

Hard disk: At least 20 GB of free space for the operating system.

Graphics card: DirectX 9-capable graphics card required, some apps require DirectX 10 for better performance.

Display: At least 1,024 * 600 pixels resolution.

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